Argan oil


 Argan oil is a real beauty thing! Rich in nutritive and cosmetic properties. Produced mainly in Morocco from the kernels of the argan tree. Great for hair and skin. Some cosmetic brands like Morrocanoil or Arganoil use it in their shampoos, conditioners and styling products. But why not get a bottle of cold pressed pure argan oil and use it at home? Just massage gently into your hair and scalp before hair wash or leave it overnight for a better repair. I also recommend a simple mask which is egg yolk, few drops of argan oil, squeeze of lemon juice. That’s all! Will leave your hair shiny, smooth and restored. During summer when you are exposed to lots of sunshine, it is good to massage argan oil into endings of your hair just before  heading to the beach.

In terms of skin care, argan oil is very good if your skin needs a bit of extra nourishment.  You can use directly onto skin and gently massage or just add few drops to your favourite moisturizer or body balm. Works wonders for delicate skin under your eyes, the best left overnight to sink in.


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