Clay masks

No one is perfect, we all know that. Everyone has some defects in their look. So today few words about clay, which just works wonders for your beauty. First, I discovered green clay as I had problems with spots and acne. Later, I realized there is also red, pink, white and yellow clay and all of them are just great for skin. Few spoonfuls can be just mix with warm water and applied to skin. Just make sure the mask doesn’t completely dry out on your face as it can leave your skin too tight. It is also great for neck, decollete, arms, back even the whole body. Imagine yourself all covered in pretty pink mud! I like adding some extras to my clay mask like a bit of honey, with drops of vitamin A or E, few drops of jojoba oil, even egg white which has lifting properties. I always keep my 3 favourite clays: green, pink and white. Love yellow too! They all nourish your skin and provide all necessary minerals which clay contains. It is  all natural product so why don’t use it for our beauty? Try and you won’t be disappointed.


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