Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter became as popular as Shea butter and I am a big fan of both of them. Cocoa butter is a natural emollient softening and smoothing skin. It absorbs and sinks into skin quite easily. It helps with eczema and stretch marks or scars as it is so rich. It brings relief from skin irritations. It keeps skin hydrated and promotes collagen production. Little wonder!








I usually buy a chunk of pure cocoa butter and melt it before use. I read also about shaving it with a knife which could be also very useful. I use melted cocoa butter in a massage, just add few drops of your favourite essential oil or leave it pure and simple. Both ways, it feels gorgeous! You can also take a piece of cocoa butter with you in a shower and it will just melt under stream of hot water or simply drop a chunk into your running bath. You can skip moisturizer after that treat. I use a bit of cocoa butter on my lips before going to bed. They feel silky after waking up, just for a morning kiss!


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