Carrot oil

I bought a little 10 ml bottle of carrot oil few weeks ago because rich in beta-carotene carrots are famous for improving skin colour. I remember, in my teenage days, I used to grate raw carrots, squeeze them and then use the juice as a kind of toner to my skin. It was giving a nice tanned glow to my face! I used also few carrot creams and was always pleased with results and as a big fan of oils in cosmetics and home beauty treatments, I couldn’t resist trying carrot oil.


Carrot oil indeed has a wonderful, rich orange colour and is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin B, C, D, E. Wow, that’s a vitamin bomb! It is good for ageing skin but will do well for any skin, especially if applied overnight. I tend to add just few drops to my night cream for extra moisture and nourishment boost. You can also mix it with any carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil and use it all over your body to get that desired post-holiday look. As summer is approaching, I have just ordered another, bigger bottle!


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