Nettle – a green beauty

I went for a walk into the woods today to pick up some nettles, had my rubber gloves with me! They say the best nettle are in early May before blooming. As it is mid-May, many of them were already blossoming but I managed to get some really good ones.The woods were beautifully green filled with birds singing. What a soothing balm for my mind and soul after the whole week of hard work! That should be my Friday treat, instead of going down to pub… this one maybe after the woods!



Back to nettles, it is said that nettles absorb all minerals and vitamins from the soil and store them in their leaves which become highly nutritious. You can then eat nettles leaves and put them into soups or salads. I prefer a nettle tea made from fresh leaves or dried ones. They really purify your blood and body.


Nettles are famous for hair care treatments. They prevent hair loss and a nettle hair rinse leaves it glossy, soft and also helps with dandruff. You can use the fresh leave or dried ones, fresh are stronger though.

I just spread mine on the sheets of newspapers and will leave them for few days to dry. Later on, I will grind them and mix with clays for face masks. So, don’t be afraid of the stinging beauty as it is a very powerful weed.



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