Your beauty and the Moon

Full moon which was on Tuesday, is gone. The waning Moon is good for removing anything unwanted like hair, nails. It is then good time for hair removal, trimming nails, peelings. If cutting hair, remember it will grow slower so if you are dreaming about long locks for summer, better trim it when the Moon is growing.

Today, Wednesday the 6th, the Moon is in a earthy sign of Capricorn. We feel grounded and more practical and reasonable. I like stability of Capricorn. He will always give a good advice, which I never use. As a fiery sign of Aries, I dream about conquering the world, exploring it, finding the best place, crossing the borders. Life has to be big bold and vast.

When the Moon visits Capricorn sign, it a good time for all cosmetic procedures. So, just few inspirations for today.

Start with a good old peeling. Choose a gentle one, as ground almonds, I wrote about it here  It will not only remove dead cells but also moisturize your skin. Follow it with a face mask. First examine your face and look carefully at any problems. Skin tight and dry? Make nourishing mask with honey, yogurt and maybe an egg. Sun discoloration? Use lemon in your mask. Spots and blemishes? Use green clay. Skin needs a bit of colour? Use rose clay mixed with rose petals.

As a mask of today, I decide to go for rose mask. My latest purchase was Pure Rose Absolute essential oil so slowly I am building my collection…. I burn it every evening in the burner and fills the air with a lovely delicate scent. I was never a big fan of a rose smell, it was too powdery and too distinctive for me. Now,  it is like music to my heart. Rose scent is said to work as a gentle anti-depressant; it uplifts your spirit.

I really believe in power of aromas and all the knowledge behind the aromatherapy. All essential oils have very precise structure on a molecular level. They could help with physical symptoms and also influence your mind and soul, for example energize like lemon or grapefruit or calm and sooth like lavender.


The rose mask consists of pink clay, dried rose petals, rose infusion instead of water and few drops or rose essential oil. For the rose infusion, simply cover rose petals with hot water, cover with a lid and leave to for few minutes. Mix rose clay with rose petals in a bowl, add rose infusion and few drops of rose essential oil. Mix it all for a smooth paste and apply to your face, neck and decollete when the mask is still warm. Remove with lukewarm water after 5-7 minutes. Don’t leave the mask for too long as it will leave your skin a bit too tight. Follow with rose water as a toner.


Aren’t they beautiful?

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