Chamomile inspired face mask

I have been waiting to write about this beautiful yet humble herb. I love chamomile! The smell so herbal yet a bit flowery. It helps me when my stomach is upset or when I just want to ease my mind. I remember myself as a little girl going to the fields and trying to find these sort of daisy looking flowers. I wasn’t always successful and often mixed them with other similar looking plants.

Chamomile is famous for its soothing and calming properties so works well for all irritations, acne, it is popular in treating eczema. Chamomile is an excellent not only to skin but the whole body and mind too! It works as a mild sedative, relaxes muscles and will bring a good sleep. I love this a bit bitter taste of chamomile tea. I just know it’s pure power of nature. Why don’t we restore all that powerful knowledge about herbs and plants and use it for our good? It has been used by people since the beginning of our civilization and it is still here. Unfortunately, modern life puts us away from the nature and all natural remedies.


I felt like my skin needs a bit of nourishment so decided to use an egg and and chamomile as I have been out in the sun and wind for the past few days. So to start, I use pestle and mortar to crush chamomile flowers. You can even use chamomile tea bags instead. Just open them and pop the content out. Add chamomile flowers to an egg yolk, add squeeze of lemon, a bit of honey and mix it all. As it gets a bit runny, I add some clay to thicken the mask, the best would be yellow one to keep the colour synchronization!  When ready, apply to your face, neck and decollete. Once removing it, the chamomile particles will act as a gentle scrub and will leave your face smooth and bright.


As Full Moon is approaching ( 3rd of July in UK ), it is a good time to moisturize, nourish, make masks, do massages. Start today and you will see the results!


11 thoughts on “Chamomile inspired face mask

      1. stilishbabe says:

        yea,I use it in a lot of forms ! I like using the tea on my face at night cause I love the smell and the feeling!very nourishing.And my organic face cream has some in it as well,cause I have a combination of sensitive skin!

      2. I also have combination skin and a bit sensitive too. Strong winds make terror with my face! I switched to gentle tonics and creams. Love floral waters like rose or lavender. Chamomile is so good as it’s soothing and calming. Sonetimes, when I run out of toner, I simply use chamomile infusion.

      3. stilishbabe says:

        me too!!!! oh my god,it’s like we’re soulmates :))) I love rosewater! Although I find it pretty pricey! So I prefer doing it myself!I do my out makeup remover as well and I’m so happy about it!and I use argan oil as nightcream(not every single night) This conv could take forever :))

      4. stilishbabe says:

        Boil water . add the petals (i add the petals of 2 roses) and keep it on the gas range at the lowest setting .When the petals look translucid it’s done! 🙂

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