Macadamia oil to beat cellulit

Fabulous, rich macadamia oil is extracted from the nuts of a native Australian tree. It is very beneficial for healthy looking skin and hair. Will bring relief to sunburn skin. Very good for stretch marks and scars as well. It is said that macadamia oil in his unique structure is similar to natural body’s oil so it easily penetrates the skin and hair. It is also great when fighting an orange peel and cellulite. It nourishes, soothes and tightens the skin. Like a little lifting.


So ahead of approaching summer holidays, I have been massaging my body with macadamia oil. To make all process more successful, I add few drops of essential oil which help burn fat and smooth the skin. There are few to choose from like juniper, rosemary, grapefruit or cedar wood. I have been using rosemary lately and just waiting for grapefruit to come in a parcel with all other natural beauties. I will write about them in next post!




13 thoughts on “Macadamia oil to beat cellulit

  1. I love macadamia oil! It’s so good for my hands but I prefer to eat it lol, I can’t help it I love the taste in cooking.

    Rosemary is brilliant and I haven’t tried grapefruit oil but I use grapefruit seed oil as part of my dental routine and it’s very helpful. I think I’ll try some juniper too – thanks for posting!

    1. I should try macadamia oil in cooking! never thought about it, always stick to olive or sunflower oil…I used juniper in a anty-cellulite massage, loved the smell! Aromatherapy is so powerfull. Can I ask how do you use grapefruit oil in your dental routine?

      1. I will definitely try some juniper before wearing anything short!

        Grapefruit seed oil is very strong so I dilute a few drops in about half a glass of water and swish it in my mouth after brushing, and then rinse. I find it does an extra bit of cleaning and stops/reduces bleeding gums when used regularly.

      2. Thank you for sharing. I recently have a bit of bleeding gums although switched to natural, organic toothpaste. Will give a grapefruit oil a go! I use bicarbonate of soda to polish my teeth, it whitens them a bit too.

  2. this sounds like a great idea! I always wanted to try out some stuffs for my oh-so-evil cellulite. Macadamia oil sounds good – always heard of the benefits it can bring.
    Any recommendations on where I can get them? I live in Singapore. there aren’t any organic food stores that I know of. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. beautywhizz says:

      Hi, thank you for reading! Maybe you could try to get it on the Internet? I get mine either from health food shop – no shortage of those in London- or look up on the Amazon. Dry brushing is also very good for cellulite!

      1. Hehe, I totally believe:) I did the massage with my new bottle of macadamia oil yesterday and will repeat today as well πŸ™‚ But today I’ll add lavender essential oil for relaxing. Sometimes I prefer using oils just on their own, naturally. Anyway, lovely post again! Best, Dasha

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