Tropical body polish

Not much summer in London! It has been raining since…spring??? It is lusciously green but we are not having much sunshine in here. So all that gloomy weather gives me an inspiration to create a bit of a tropic in my own bathroom

The solid coconut oil will work wonder in this recipe.

Image   Image

First mix coconut oil with 2 spoons of jojoba or almond oil and whip it with a spoon for a soft mixture. Now to the fragrance! To create an exciting tropical smell, I add 5 drops of orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oil to the coconut mixture. Then gradually stir in brown unrefined sugar and mix it all up. Done! I use really fine sugar granules which makes gentle scrub, it almost melts on the skin. Demerara sugar could be good especially for the dry areas like elbows, knees and heels. Apply the scrub to the damp skin and massage in circular movements. Treat your chest and neck gently. The scrub leaves skin soft, smooth and delicately scented with coconut. I love it!  And no need for an extra moisturizer.


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