Lavender sea salt body scrub

I love scrubbing! It is the best way to maintain smooth and radiant skin. If you use oil based scrubs, you can skip moisturizer afterwards. For this scrub I am using sea salt, Epsom salt will be great too. I prefer sugar based scrub but sea salt is famous for its exfoliating properties.


I am using jojoba oil in this recipe as it is such a wonderful oil! The jojoba oil is an extract from the seed of the jojoba tree which grows in Mexico, California and Arizona. More to say, it is not even an oil but liquid wax which is the most similar to human skin oil –  sebum. Applying it to the skin, we can “trick” our skin to “think” that it produces enough of sebum. In this way jojoba oil helps to balance the sebum production and doesn’t bloke the pores. It absorbs easily maintaining skin elasticity and keeping it moisturized, soft and supple.


For this fragrant body scrub, first mix a cup of the sea salt with with 2 spoons of dried lavender buds. Then gradually add jojoba oil until you get a proper consistency. It should be not too runny but all grains gently covered. At the end, add few drops of lavender essential oil. Suitable for the whole body, but take it easy on your chest and neck. Great for the feet!



6 thoughts on “Lavender sea salt body scrub

    1. beautywhizz says:

      Love it too! And the flowers are just so pretty. Thank you for stoping by and reading! I really like your blog about yoga, I am starting my first yoga course in November, can’t wait!

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