Peppermint foot scrub

It has been a while since my last post. Holidays are over so it is back to posting. I had a wonderful summer break on a sunny island of Ibiza, days filled with swimming in the sea, lying on the beach and listening to the music! Will be posting about Ibiza soon, got few nice photos to share.

During holidays my skin/body care routine was quite basic. I was using rosehip oil to cleanse my face, lavender water as a toner, I moisturized my body after every shower with jojoba oil and once did sugar body scrub. So now it is time to go back to all pamper sessions!

Let’s start from the feet today. First, prepare feet soak by filling a bowl with a hot water and some sea salt. Keep your feet in that salty bath for about 10 minutes, that will soften your skin. Using pumice remove all hard skin on your heels and toes.

Then prepare that simple lovely feet scrub. Mix some jojoba oil – any oil would do – with sea salt crystals, add few drops of glycerin ( optional ) and few drops of peppermint essential oil. That smells really good!

 Take a handful of scrub and using circular movements massage your feet and toes. Dry your feet, massage a dab of an oil in your toe nails and onto your feet, pop the cotton socks on to lock the moisture in. Put your feet up and relax!  Once you take the socks off, your feet will feel fresh and rejuvenated.


8 thoughts on “Peppermint foot scrub

  1. I just LOVE all your posts – what an amazing blog – good for you to share all this good stuff !! I’m excited about all the ideas I’m getting here! Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! I have so many notes and recipes to share. I keep reading, researching and looking for new inspirations. I grew up foraging in the woods and fields and I just love nature!

  2. ecobeaut says:

    Mmmm Ibiza 🙂 That reminds me, when I’m vacationing I usually feel like I’m already getting a foot scrub from walking on the beach constantly! But this is a lovely foot scrub recipe, thank you for sharing. I’m trying not to be lazy, my feet really does need a good scrub!

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