Carotene rich kiwi and papaya face mask

Kiwi and papaya, beautiful exotic fruits, not only taste delicious but also have lots of beneficial properties in skin and hair care. Both fruits contain plant enzymes, vitamin A, C, E and natural alpha hydroxy acids known as AHAs. Through gentle exfoliation they remove dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and glowing. Kiwi helps control sebum production and has got anti-inflammatory properties. Papaya contains carotenoids which gives skin beautiful, healthy colour. Both fruits help fighting free radicals and reduce the ageing signs. Facial treatments based on those two super fruits will improve skin’s appearance.

Let’s get started then. This recipe will have tightening properties as well, it will be a bit like making a jelly. I am using agar agar which is a Japanese gelatinous substance from algae, I prefer it instead of any animal based gelatine.

You will need

Flesh of 1/2 papaya

flesh of 1 kiwi

1-2 spoons of agar agar

Rich colours of the papaya and kiwi flesh Agar agar flakes

Cut the fruits into halves and scoop the flesh out. Leave all the seed and piths out, you may need to pass the pulp through the sieve.

Scooping out carotene rich papaya.

Transfer all to a small pot and start heating it up gently. Add agar agar and stir it in.

Adding agar agar to the fruit mix

Keep mixing once heating it up. It will start thickening up so keep stirring until it gets a bit jelly like, but not too thick.

Ready to apply
Ready to apply

Take it off the hob and let cool down before applying it to the face, neck and decollete. If after cooling down, the paste gets too thick anyway, simply heat it up again. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse off and pat it dry. Follow with a floral water of your choice. Why not go on with an exotic theme and choose an orange one? The smell will evoke good mood and a fresh feeling.