Nature walks

Here we are, autumn in full swing. Just had Halloween and All Saints Day, now Bonfire Night coming up, and then we are on our way to Christmas. Was just talking to my niece and we are hoping it will snow.

During October half term, I went to a countryside in Hampshire with work.  It was my last visit over there, just one night, so I felt relaxed, decided to enjoy it. Nice house, space around it, quiet. Was waken up by the birds in a field, probably pheasants. Now I regret not taking pictures of sun rising and the frost in the fields.

The weather was warm and balmy for the end of October. First day after breakfast, took a walk down the drive. Beautiful autumn light, still lots of colour around, sheep grazing the grass.

Countryside in Adbury park




Next morning we took a hike up the gentle hill. Place is called Downs, though. Was unexpectedly windy, but still very sunny and mild. Oh, green rolling hills of England, this tune came straight to my mind.





Being at home, I particularly enjoyed sitting in a conservatory, very warm in there. And obviously, gorgeous geraniums could not get unnoticed.







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