My lemon fascination

I love lemons most of all citrus fruits, second place goes to oranges. I am not a massive fan of exotic fruits in particular, I would probably choose our humble apples and pears above fancy mangoes or melons. I’m sold to avocados and papayas though.

Lemons are always in my fridge. I use them in cooking and home DIY beauty. Sour flavour, according to TCM, is related to spring season, which comes after winter ruled by a salty favour. Hence, lemon juice is always handy when I’m cooking either a soup or making salad, baking lemon drizzle cake or making a paste from already mentioned avocados. I also usually drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning.


Lemons are very versatile in cooking so here is simple recipe for an avocado paste with lemon juice.

Mash one avocado with flax seed oil or olive oil
Add freshly grind black pepper and crushed chilli flakes
Season with salt
Lemon juice and chopped parsley

You can add fresh thyme or some turmeric to complete bitter flavour.

What’s best about lemons is lemon essential oil extracted from fresh lemon peel by cold extraction. It contains powerful antioxidants, limonene and is beneficial in skin and hair care. Lemon is cleansing and detoxifying with fresh and uplifting scent. Can be used in treatment of broken capillaries, wrinkles, cellulit. It is also good in treating common colds because of high content of vitamin C. Regular body massage with diluted lemon essential oil can boost immunity.

My daily use of lemon essential oil is in face massage, hair masks and body scrubs. I also like smoothing my hair with a bit of lemon essential oil at the end of drying. In summer, when exposed to sun, this can lighten your hair and I can’t wait for more sun to naturally highlight my hair. It is not however recommended to apply on skin in summer as it is photo-toxic and can result in burns.

Thanks to antiseptic and antibacterial properties, lemon is great to use in home cleaning and laundry by adding few drops of essential oil to washing liquid. Fresh and clean scent will refresh home and clothes.

I have been drying bits of lemon peel and thinking of grinding them into a body scrub. From time to time I open the jar to sniff the citrusy freshness.



I have also started to grow a lemon tree on my windowsill. Here it is looking pretty with its vibrant shiny green leaves. It is a joy to look at it every morning.


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