Bit of DIY flaxseed hair gel

My hair needs a bit of styling, something which weights it down otherwise it goes frizzy. I couldn’t find anything commercial so decided to make my own one. It is deadly easy and requires very little. Golden or brown seeds. The plant on its own has beautiful blue flowers.

Botanical illustration from Wikipedia
Botanical illustration from Wikipedia

Flaxseed or linseed is a crop like rapeseed grown for the oil production. Blue linseed and yellow rapeseed flowers in the fields. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega fats essential for a healthy diet. You should keep it in a fridge after opening and use it to drizzle over salads or any cooked vegetables and don’t heat it up as it loses its all good stuff.

To make a natural hair gel you will need 2 spoons of flaxseeds and a cup of water. Cover the seeds with water and bring it to boil. Then gently simmer for 15min, stirring from time to time. It will get thicker and a bit glue like. Take it off the hob and pass through a sieve. It’s a glutenous gel like brownish substance. Now you can add essential oil of your choice, think lemon for blondes, and maybe rosemary for darker shades, marigold for redheads. Mix it up and leave it to cool down, best left for about 12 hours to settle. Ready made ¬†gel should be kept in a close container in the fridge up to 1 week long. After then make a fresh badge. You can experiment with essential oils or add sth extra like a bit of aloe vera juice.

In styling, best used for still damp hair after washing up. Alternatively, next day to refresh the look put some on the hair endings.




Reach out to your inner beauty

Today’s post will be a bit different, a bit about inner beauty. All holistic teachers and healers agree that whenever your body struggles or gets ill you have look at the mind-body-spirit connection. And most importantly, do not let your illness, fatigue or pain dampen your spirit which is always pure and full of light.

I have been struggling with a chronic pain for about 2 years now. Somehow I managed to damage a sensory nerve in my left leg leaving me in a long lasting misery. Pain has become my every day companion, sometimes very severe, sometimes gentle yet still persisting. In my darkest hour I just wanted to disappear. My natural escapism was playing games with my mind. I wanted to be a mermaid with no legs just not to feel the pain. The worse damage however was to my mind, I believe I reached the edge of depression. Not sure if my partner understood, I guess his natural escapism also played in and he immersed himself in a virtual world. He couldn’t stand me being grumpy but I just suffered. This issue between us is still unresolved. We need to face the music and get the answers out. He had words of sympathy and encouragement but got tired in the process. I try to understand him, because yes, I was exhausted, tired, miserable, so at some point I felt like he turned his back on me, he simply gave up. Can I blame him? Yes. And no. I’m very patient towards people I love and probably a bit naive and unrealistic as well. I’m an idealist deep in heart and want to believe in others’ good motifs. Venus in Pisces in my astro chart gives me an idealistic streak but not realist.

I also believe strongly in mind and body unison. I have started reading about mindfulness and meditation. I never quite cracked the meditation but I try to open my mind. I’m learning that your thoughts can volume an amplitude of pain. You need to then stay in control and not let the fear take over you.

As we are heading towards New Moon, it is an auspicious time to look again at our goals and set the intention. Be visionary and have guts to follow your dream. Be bold. Reach out.

What is your deepest dream?


Herbal remedy: chamomile

Being a little girl, I remember picking up wild flowers, foraging for mushrooms, wild raspberries and strawberries during summer picnics in the woods with my parents, brother and sister. Those forest fruits were so sweet, fragrant and full of the summer sunshine. Finding chamomiles was always a joy associated with summer and sun, they smelled bittersweet, quite medicinal but with a promise. Humble looking daisy-like flowers are quite powerful ones. In top ten of most used herbs.

Botanical illustration from Wikipedia
Botanical illustration from Wikipedia

We all know that chamomile tea soothes the upset stomach, easies cramps and aids in digestion problems. It is also very beneficial in skincare for inflamed or acne skin. Chamomile floral water could be a good start. Even chamomile tea could be used as a toner, especially for sensitive skin. Chamomile can be used in therapy for migraine, insomnia, PMS, stress, depression. Very beneficial for children especially during teething or used in a bath for eczema prone skin. Chamomile calms down any irritation and bad mood.

There are two main species: German chamomile, most common, wild one and Roman chamomile, or English, garden one. German chamomile essential oil is famous for its dark blue colour, thanks to high amount of azulene, the organic compound which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Roman chamomile is great to use in aromatherapy, for its apple-like scent. In haircare, chamomile is a friend to any blondes. Regular hair rinse could highlight and enhance blonde hair, especially when combined with lemon juice and exposed to the sunlight. Can’t wait then for sunny days like today and try to lighten my hair naturally.


And how about a chamomile coloured cat?


Making lip balm in pictures

You will need

10 g beeswax
10 g shea butter
10 g cocoa butter
2 teaspoons almond oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E
5 drops orange essential oil
5 drops cinnamon essential oil

Melt beeswax in a double boiler. Add Shea and cocoa butter. Stir in almond oil and vitamin E. Take it off the hob then add 5-10 drops of the essential oils. Pour into clean containers and leave it to set. Apply liberally to your lips, especially before going outside. Keep it handy in your pocket and your handbag, so you never run out!





Honey and yoghurt face mask

Today is Full Moon in Leo, very auspicious day. I read somewhere we should avoid any cosmetic procedures during full moon, as well as a day before and a day after it. But today I felt like treating my skin to something nourishing yet gentle and easy to make!

You will need:

2 spoons of honey
4 spoons of yoghurt
1 spoon of rosehip oil
5 drops of lavender essential oil
capsule of vitamin E

Start from mixing together honey and yoghurt. My honey had quite thick consistency but quickly became runny after mixing it with yoghurt. Add rosehip oil, vitamin E oil and finally sprinkle over few drops of lavender oil for beautifully calming and soothing effect.

I like applying a face mask with a brush and by doing so I can also reach my arms and back with no messy fingers or messy floor! Leave the mask for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Follow with toner and moisturiser or an oil. I have got combination type skin with an obvious T-zone and loving using oils for the night. It gives me a chance to do a mini face massage. I am generally in love with the oils!

Back to our mask, honey is a natural humectant as it attracts and retains moisture. When used in beauty treatments, it seals in the moisture leaving skin soft and supple. Honey also contains antioxidants which protect skin cells from damage done by free radicals (ageing). Antibacterial properties of honey are useful when treating acne or outbreaks. We all know about Manuka honey and I swear by Manuka essential oil which I use for every spot I get. Best cure ever. Wish I knew it in the old days…

Yoghurt contains high level of lactic acid therefore it removes dead cells and smoothes the skin out. It helps reduce first wrinkles and prevent from appearing new ones. Yoghurt is rich in many nutrients like zinc, calcium, B-vitamins. Zinc will soothe any inflammation caused by acne or rash and help regulate sebum secretion by tightening the pores. Calcium promotes skin renewal. B-vitamins are beneficial for glowing and hydrated skin.

Yet again, most of those simple ingredients you find in your kitchen. Go on then, open your cupboards and fridge, experiment and have fun!


Spring, summer and colour analysis

Today was talking make up with my sister. We both agreed we wanted some inspiration in terms of colours . As colour analysis theory says only those colours closest to your face, will affect your look. Meaning colours may highlight your beauty or simply ruin your look. That’s why it is so important.
After reading an article about colour analysis, it was clear to us that she is more or less summer type, more specifically pure summer, and me, more or less, spring, warm spring.

I always like orange, yellow and red which make me feel and look fresh and energetic. I love deep navy but it makes me look a bit stern. My sister loves grey and torquise and blue. She looks good in white, cream and silver.

Spring type is fresh, bright and radiant just like in nature, spring starts and likes it bold. Spring type has blonde or brown hair going ginger, gold. Blue or green eyes. Freckles in the sun. Colours for spring type are yellow, orange, red, light green. Gold accessories. In make up dark brown mascara, light coloured eye shadows like apricot and a natural looking foundation, a bit rosy. It’s all about looking light and fresh, anew.

Summer type brings soft, muted and feminine colours. This type has got pale complexion but tans easily. Blonde or brown hair with ash tone. Blue, grey or green eyes. Colours for summer type best are in cool tone, like blue, grey, whiteish, but also pink and mint. In make up black mascara, defined but not too dark eyebrows, pastel eyeshadow. Silver accessories. Summer type doesn’t suit looking too bold; summer smoothers in full relax.



Which colour type are you?