Spring, summer and colour analysis

Today was talking make up with my sister. We both agreed we wanted some inspiration in terms of colours . As colour analysis theory says only those colours closest to your face, will affect your look. Meaning colours may highlight your beauty or simply ruin your look. That’s why it is so important.
After reading an article about colour analysis, it was clear to us that she is more or less summer type, more specifically pure summer, and me, more or less, spring, warm spring.

I always like orange, yellow and red which make me feel and look fresh and energetic. I love deep navy but it makes me look a bit stern. My sister loves grey and torquise and blue. She looks good in white, cream and silver.

Spring type is fresh, bright and radiant just like in nature, spring starts and likes it bold. Spring type has blonde or brown hair going ginger, gold. Blue or green eyes. Freckles in the sun. Colours for spring type are yellow, orange, red, light green. Gold accessories. In make up dark brown mascara, light coloured eye shadows like apricot and a natural looking foundation, a bit rosy. It’s all about looking light and fresh, anew.

Summer type brings soft, muted and feminine colours. This type has got pale complexion but tans easily. Blonde or brown hair with ash tone. Blue, grey or green eyes. Colours for summer type best are in cool tone, like blue, grey, whiteish, but also pink and mint. In make up black mascara, defined but not too dark eyebrows, pastel eyeshadow. Silver accessories. Summer type doesn’t suit looking too bold; summer smoothers in full relax.



Which colour type are you?


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