Today’s flower star. Fritillaria aka snake’s head flower

Continuing the spring flowers theme, I accidentally saw Gardener’s World program on TV which featured today’s flower star. How pleased I was to discover a quite plenty of it amongst other wild spring flowers in my favourite local woodlands of Bishop’s Park, here in London, South West of the River. it is great seeing so many wild flowers blooming in this city’s green space.

My boyfriend asked me today so why do you like flowers?

I answered I never asked myself this question.

So why do you write this blog?

To kill time.

Kill time??

Meanwhile, in the woods daffodils are sadly slowly fading. I spotted yellow cowslips next to the back gate of the Walled Garden. One wood anemone. In another place, I call it An Island, white spring snowflakes. More and more dandelions (I picked few leaves, I am yet to make a salad!) and nation’s favourite bluebells start appearing. Lots of wild boar’s garlic and hairy green alkanets with tiny striking blue flowers. But, wait what is this purple checkered bell? As I walked along the main path, I was seeing more and more of them poking through greenery, nodding their heads on the long stems. Leaves are dark green, long and narrow. Quite windy day didn’t make photographing an easy task. Flower were shaking and constantly blurring in the picture.

Fritillary aka snakes’s head flower belongs to the lily family. Called snake’s head flowers thanks to its checkerboard patterns, they come in all shades of purple or pure white. The closed seems to resemble the mentioned reptilian’s head. Flowers grow happy in the damp places and can be planted in the garden.

I found a botanical drawing of it in my RHS diary and now I got few photos to share with you. Once taking pictures, I noticed a young couple and an elderly woman stopped to look at them too. IMG_3771

IMG_3766 IMG_3777 IMG_3781



IMG_3796 IMG_3802 IMG_3805 IMG_3803


2 thoughts on “Today’s flower star. Fritillaria aka snake’s head flower

  1. I love to learn about plants by reading different names and their meaning. In German this plant is called “Chessboard-flower”. It´s only found at some places in Germany.

    1. We call it the same name, chessboard flower in Poland, it is quite rare as well. Its pattern is so beautiful and the flower heads are so delicate. Thank you for reading!

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