Today’s flower star. Bluebell, the national treasure.

I am just sitting at my desk with the window widely open and listening to birds’ chirps and singings. It has been the warmest day so far reaching scorching 25 degrees in London, in April. Tomorrow, is however back to normal.

I went on another cycle to the beautiful woods of  Wimbledon Common thinking Londoners are so lucky to have those green areas on their doorstep. Trees are slowly getting greener but still lots of bare branches make birds spotting much easier. There is a skylark protection area with lots of black crows residing there as well.

Wildflowers spotting included cowslips, red dead nettles, dandelions and our today’s star, bluebell. It has been UK’s favourite wild flower for years. Violet-blue or white bell shaped flowers with gently curved up petals are hanging gracefully on the long stems. They are very popular and grow even in our little communal garden. The most spectacular are bluebell woods with the carpets of flowers indicating the ancient woods.









Thinking of my favourite spring wildflower, I’d probably say, violet.

Do you have a favourite?


2 thoughts on “Today’s flower star. Bluebell, the national treasure.

  1. Seeing a lot of these lately as you say it’s the right time, umm not sure if I have a favourite perhaps buttercups though they’re not quite out, apple blossoms then 😀

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