Enjoying May Bank Holiday

Early May Bank Holiday in UK sees many Londoners fleeting the city and I was surprised how few people I saw during my usual walk in the woodlands by the River Thames.

Thames from Putney Bridge

My route started with crossing the Putney Bridge and then into the All Saints cemetery where I already have discovered plenty of flowers like geraniums, columbines, bluebells, rose bushes and lily of the valleys of course.

Pink and white lilacs are in full bloom, elderflowers are just starting to open out. Dandelions are slowly changing their heads into fluffy spheres and I cannot forget my childhood game which we called “grandpa or grandma”. If in one simple blow all the “hair”was gone, you would have grandpa, if any left – grandma. Obviously, you had to make your guess beforehand and see if you were right. Oh, happy days.

I really like all the English common, colloquial names of plants and flowers. They are so accurate and funny. I am writing them down in my notebook and also comparing with Polish language. My plant identification adventure continues.

Columbine or granny’s bonnet


White lilac
Red valerian
Red valerian or kiss-me-quick
Woodruff or wild baby's breath
Red campions
White small butterfly
Pink bluebell
White comfrey
White comfrey
Dandelion head
Dandelion head
Rock or Bulgarian geranium
Lily of the valley
Lily of the valley
White honesty and green alkanets
White forget-me-not
Golden bells daffodils
German speedwell
German speedwell
First elderflower

A quick update from today’s walk: park was full of families and kids hanging out in the woods. And not only flowers spotting happened today but also celebrity spotting when I saw sir Mick Jagger walking into Fulham Palace courtyard! I ventured inside as well and met him again in the museum shop. Was completely starstruck to ask him for a selfie!


8 thoughts on “Enjoying May Bank Holiday

  1. Very nice and refreshing blog….thank you for following and I enjoy following back….. I love your photos….they are all beautiful…but the one with the squirrel…is soooo cute…. Read you soon….

  2. That was a lovely stroll with all those flowers to look at on the way. Thanks for sharing. Our elderflower won’t be out yet, but I shall have to go into the woods and check on its progress now that I’ve seen your flower!

    1. Thank you for reading. Every time I go for a walk I’m surprised how many new flowers are out, especially now after all the rain we got here. Thank you for stopping by as well!

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