Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year and I am trying to squeeze in a new post from today’s walk before this day is gone for good. I might just make it! It is an auspicious day to make a wish, light a candle, make flowers crowns or share a few flower pictures on the blog 😉

All the season changes are happening I am always amazed seeing new flowers and plants appearing week by week. I have seen the lily buds today so already planning to go back in few days time and check on their progress. Some of the spring flowers like bluebells, honesty have gone long time ago and left some pretty seed capsules behind. I am already thinking about”the seeds” post but need more photos.

Meanwhile, have fun with the summer blooms.

Double opium poppy



Philadelphus or mock orange
Philadelphus or mock orange
Dog rose
Dog rose
Field bindweed
Field bindweed
Pink yarrow
Dotted loosestrife
Pink toadflax
Common ragwort aka stinky nanny
Hedge woundwort
Hedge woundwort
Linden tree flowers
Linden tree flowers

Days will be getting shorter from tomorrow so make sure to enjoy some nature therapy and cherish the daylight when it lasts!


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