Late summer on its way to autumn

Today, first time after the summer break, I finally cycled to my favourite Bishop’s Park in London. I nipped into the Fulham Palace for a drink and visited the museum shop  where I bought a couple of beautiful botanical postcards by a London artist Rosemary Lindsay.  Then I went for a walk around the Walled Garden which looks lush and green. Lots of flowers like cosmos and zinnias are in full bloom swaying in the gentle breeze. There are pumpkins and courgettes ripening amongst the greenery. I have bought some tomatoes and sweet smelling basil from the garden barrel. They were also selling potatoes, kale and some other herbs all grown and harvested in the garden.

I set out today to think about the seasons changing and was wondering if I could see any autumnal hints. In the woodlands I spotted the glossy rose hips and some popping reds of lords and ladies seed capsules. Some wildflowers went into the seeds by now, but still lots of them flower in the meadow area. Late summer makes you appreciate the variety and the brightness of the colours. Soon they will all be dimmed and slightly burnt in the autumnal light.


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