Trip to Pokrzywna

My short break in Poland is coming to an end. I have stayed for a week in the country visiting my parents and family. The weather has remained quite cool and grey over the last few days but today there was a glorious sunshine and blue skies and we tried to make the most of it. I regret not bringing my Canon with my and had to use my phone to take any photos. Pokrzywna is a small town in Opawskie Mountains close to the Czech border. I remember staying over there few years back with my then boyfriend in one of the cute wooden houses on the steep hill. We had a fire place inside with plenty of the chopped up logs and the owners kept some peacocks and other birds as an attraction. I think the place was called Panama. Today we wandered around the fishery and the flood gate. The water in the stream was clear and very cold, what a relief must bring in summer. We shall be back then. Tomorrow I have got an early flight to London so thank goodness for the clocks going back!


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