Let it snow

I know I am a bit late with this post, but being home for Christmas and New Year break in Poland, meant I was reduced to using my old laptop and could not load pictures as effective and fast as I would like to. I gave up when it failed to upload another photo and instead went back to eating more festive food. The weather over Christmas was very mild. The grass was green and the sky was blue and I thought spring will come the very next day. I would not mind that.

IMG_9392IMG_9418IMG_9394IMG_9410IMG_9412IMG_9415IMG_9429And then on the first of January it started to snow. Little white flakes came swirling down and the world has changed into a quiet and still place. I nipped out for a short walk into the woods. The sun was slowly going down and the snow was crunching under my boots. It felt peaceful and only a tapping of a woodpecker broke the silence. Lovely moment if only my fingertips were not freezing cold.IMG_9516IMG_9528IMG_9551IMG_9557



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