July wildflowers

I have already turned the calendar page to August. We had few really summer days in July although weather was quite changeable. Many bloggers are already talking about coming up change of season and I am still waiting for my summer holidays break… But definitely you can sense the change in the air and days are getting shorter. The wildflowers are still in great abundance and some will flower well into autumn. Was not going to say this word yet, but there you go!

Enchanter’s nightshade
White musk mallow
Dark mullein
Great mullein
Great mullein flower
St. John’s wort
Yellow loosestrife
Bird’s foot trefoil
Kidney vetch
White sweet clover
Tufted vetch
Creeping thistle
Spear thistle
Lesser knapweed
Greater knapweed
Purple loosestrife
Great willow herb
Field bindweed
Everlasting pea

Royal Pavilion in Brighton

When visiting Brighton on the hottest day of the year   I also went for a wander in the grounds of the Royal Pavilion. It used to be a royal residence and a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales who later became King George IV. Apparently, he was known for his extravagant lifestyle. The exotic architecture in style of the Indo-Gothic and beautiful gardens provided a shelter and retreat from a busy summer beach.brpbrp11brp1brp9brp3brp7brp8p11brp16brp12

The hype in the Hive, Kew Gardens

There was a glorious day when I visited Kew Gardens yesterday. June seemed to pass with no single visit to the beautiful gardens so I would have to make it up in July. This time I have discovered new to me places like Secluded Garden, Kew Kitchen Garden and the very fragrant Queen’s Garden filled with medicinal plants. I loved its soothing and calming effect when I sat on the wooden bench in the sun surrounded by beautiful herbs and flowers. It is definitely a must go on my next visit again.

The main attraction I wanted see was the Kew newest installation The Hive, highly publicised as an “inspiring and multisensory journey into the secret life of bees”. It is a main feature of the pollination trail explaining a relation between bees and plants. Rising 17 meters tall structure on the mound of the wildflower meadow which itself is quite beautiful. The Hive idea is to bring people’s attention to the protection of the bees as their numbers are sadly decreasing. The message is “BEE Friendly”.

At first, it looks a bit small but I like its design and I am also glad there is no queue. You simply climb up the winding up path and step inside the Hive. It is filled with sounds imitating buzzes and lit by LED lights. I would love to see it again in the evening light.


Those bee illustrations are painted on the walls of a little yellow hut nearby the Hive. I will be now looking up more closely at the bees while snapping away.




Weekend flowers

Hello July! Here it is to the beautiful flowers we can enjoy in the holidays months. The weather has not been favourable here in London and June has been described as a very dull and grey month. Today started off with lovely blue skies just to turn into the grey ones with rain which has typically caught me on the bike. All day is breezy and I must say quite chilly. Cycling was an effort.

I have been reading about Georgia O’Keeffe and her stunning paintings, especially flowers. Apparently, she did not like flowers but painted them as they were cheap models which didn’t move. This quote seems to summarise her work very well:

“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for”.