Almost winter at Kew Gardens

Finally I made it to Kew Gardens three weeks ago. End of November, sunny and crisp, blue sky, autumn going into winter. There was frost but lots of trees still baring their leaves and here and there you could still see a blooming rose or a wallflower. kw1kw2kw3kw4kw5kw8kw7kw9kw11kw10kw12kw13kw14kw16kw20kw22kw21kw6kw19kw26kw27

I am looking forward to visiting Gardens in winter and sharing more photos with you. To the next time then and Merry Christmas.


Sunday bouquet



I would like to share these beautiful flowers I received this weekend from as a part of their Twitter campaign. They asked people to send a photo of their favourite flower with some hashtags sharing a short story. My story was receiving good news from a doctor about my foot and allowing me to go back to work and being active again. When I was leaving the hospital grounds I have spotted a lovely dahlia which later illustrated my story.


Sunday walk

I woke up to the beautiful morning today after a gloomy and very wet day yesterday. The view of sparkling drops glistening on the top of the trees I see from my window was giving a promise of a fine day. I went then for a walk around my local park again. You could see that lots of leaves have already gone within the last two weeks. Still, there is some colour left and with the blue sky as a backdrop it was a pleasant stroll.p7park2p9park3park5park6park7park8p1park9park109p3

Bishop’s dahlias

Those beautiful dahlias grow in the Walled Garden in Fulham Palace, South West London. Fulham Palace used to be a residence of the bishops of London and some of them were keen on botany and plants. Bishop Compton was a successful botanist himself and was receiving seeds and cuttings from the overseas colonies to grow them back in London. It is said that first magnolia in Europe was growing in the Palace grounds.

There is a whole range of dahlias and I love them growing against the wall which makes a very nice background in the photos. The dark foliage is also very attractive making the flowers stand out.bdbd1bd9bd10bd13bd3bd5bd7bd12