Coffee and shea butter body polish

I have started drinking coffee some time ago and I am obviously completely hooked now. I love coffee smell and those black aromatic grains are perfect for another body scrub recipe. Coffee and sugar is a tested combination. Coffee aroma will awaken your senses and caffeine will improve metabolism and circulation, helping with cellulite. Save your morning brew next time and you will have a lovely scrub for the evening shower.

IMG_3806               IMG_3809

This time I am using shea butter for super creamy rich mixture, about 10-15g. As shea butter is quite hard in texture, start by whipping it up with a mini whisk.

IMG_3812               IMG_3814

Once softened up, add half of the cup of coffee grains and about same amount of granulated sugar. Combine all well together and now it is time for the essential oils.

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I love using essential oils, I add them to face and hair masks, body scrubs, massage blends. My all time favourite is lemon essential oil as I love zingy, citrusy, uplifting scents. Lemon will blend well with a strong coffee aroma. Also vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint. Whatever takes your fancy. For this recipe, I am using warm and spicy black pepper essential oil and pungent stimulating cinnamon.

IMG_3821              IMG_3824

Black pepper essential oil is steam-distilled from dried, crushed peppercorns. It has got detoxifying properties so it is good in blends for the cellulite treatment. Its warming effects works well for muscle pains and aches as well. Great for massaging those cold hands and feet in winter too! Psychologically, it is said to strengthen physical and creative energy.

Cinnamon is steam-distilled from the leaves and twigs. Again, it will help with poor circulation or slow digestion. It is strongly antiseptic and makes a good remedy for treating cold and flu. Psychologically, it will bring back your interest and enthusiasm for life, if you have felt down or disappointed.

Regular scrubbing is especially essential in winter months when skin gets dry from cold weather and layers of clothing. Try also dry body brushing on a daily basis before shower. It will work as an exfoliation on its own, smoothing and toning your skin. Use long upwards strokes. Make sure you will find some time for a little home spa in a busy pre-festive period. Later, you can only celebrate and be merry.


Lemon sugar body scrub in pictures

Making this scrub is a part of my weekly beauty routine at home. Today just a few photos from the making. Very quick and easy beauty DIY.

All you need is lemon, sugar and carrier oil.
Partners in crime: lemon, sugar and the oils
Chop a lemon and give it a squeeze.
Ready for a squeeze
Zingy grapefruit and spicy, warm  black pepper.
Zingy grapefruit and spicy, warm black pepper
Golden granules for perfect polish.
Golden granules for a perfect polish
Give it a good old mix
The little mix
Ready to apply
Golden and fresh
Feeling inspired: growing a lemon tree.
Lemon inspiration

Lemon and sugar body scrub

I love smell of lemons. It reminds me of summer and sun. This citrusy scrub is a favourite one in my home beauty treatments. Regular scrubbing not only removes all dead cells, but also boost the circulation and improve the appearance of the skin, our largest organ. This scrub will leave your skin smooth and glowing, will boost your mood as well as citrusy notes are always refreshing and uplifting.

Key ingredients are sugar, lemon juice and a carrier oil. I use unrefined cane sugar and any oil I have at home at the moment. I like to enrich this simple scrub with with few drops of essential oils and I go for citrus ones as they blend well with lemon, so could be grapefruit, lime, orange. They also help fight off cellulite.

You will need:

1 cup of sugar (best sugar with small granules)

juice of 1 lemon

1/2 cup of carrier oil

few drops of essential oil e.g. grapefruit, lime, orange

Start by mixing sugar and lemon juice in a bowl. Pouring slowly add carrier oil of your choice, could be olive oil, almond oil, macadamia oil, whatever you fancy. You want not too thin and not too thick consistency. Then sprinkle over few drops of essential oils and stir in. As I said earlier, any citrus essential oils will suit this scrub, but you can also use peppermint or black pepper or ginger essential oil. Whatever you like really; you can skip essential oils all together as scrub will smell lemony anyway.


Sometimes, I use a bit of carrot seed oil for its beautiful, orangish, warm colour. It is good to experiment with carrier oils and essential oils to find your perfect formula, but keep it simple, so you can make it on a regular basis. I make a new batch every week, keep it in my green scrub box (reused box after some body cream) and use it twice a week. I tend to keep all the nice boxes and bottles from my shop bought cosmetics and reuse them later for my DIY beauty projects.

I hope you will find this recipe useful and try making your own body scrub.

Happy scrubbing everyone!