Reach out to your inner beauty

Today’s post will be a bit different, a bit about inner beauty. All holistic teachers and healers agree that whenever your body struggles or gets ill you have look at the mind-body-spirit connection. And most importantly, do not let your illness, fatigue or pain dampen your spirit which is always pure and full of light.

I have been struggling with a chronic pain for about 2 years now. Somehow I managed to damage a sensory nerve in my left leg leaving me in a long lasting misery. Pain has become my every day companion, sometimes very severe, sometimes gentle yet still persisting. In my darkest hour I just wanted to disappear. My natural escapism was playing games with my mind. I wanted to be a mermaid with no legs just not to feel the pain. The worse damage however was to my mind, I believe I reached the edge of depression. Not sure if my partner understood, I guess his natural escapism also played in and he immersed himself in a virtual world. He couldn’t stand me being grumpy but I just suffered. This issue between us is still unresolved. We need to face the music and get the answers out. He had words of sympathy and encouragement but got tired in the process. I try to understand him, because yes, I was exhausted, tired, miserable, so at some point I felt like he turned his back on me, he simply gave up. Can I blame him? Yes. And no. I’m very patient towards people I love and probably a bit naive and unrealistic as well. I’m an idealist deep in heart and want to believe in others’ good motifs. Venus in Pisces in my astro chart gives me an idealistic streak but not realist.

I also believe strongly in mind and body unison. I have started reading about mindfulness and meditation. I never quite cracked the meditation but I try to open my mind. I’m learning that your thoughts can volume an amplitude of pain. You need to then stay in control and not let the fear take over you.

As we are heading towards New Moon, it is an auspicious time to look again at our goals and set the intention. Be visionary and have guts to follow your dream. Be bold. Reach out.

What is your deepest dream?



Aromatherapy and essential oils

Aromatherapy has been increasingly popular as the interest in natural and holistic therapies is on the rise. It uses essential oils derived from plants and flowers for the unique massage, relaxation and beauty experience. Each of those essential oils has specific properties for our body and also mind. Aromas can either energise or calm us down. I remember one phrase from some aromatherapy book noting “healing intelligence of essential oils”. Just loved it and slowly but surely started using essential oils in my home beauty treatments.


Just wanted to share some of my uses of essential oils in my daily beauty treatments. My regular one is lemon essential oil as I have a soft spot for lemons. I use it every day in the face massage blend just by mixing some jojoba oil with few drops of lemon essential oil. I smooth it on my hair after wash for an extra shine and lightening properties to my honey blonde hair. Lavender essential oil is another must have for clay face masks, the oil cleanser or soothing warm baths. Every time I make a body scrub I am adding either some citrusy ones like grapefruit essential oil ( great for cellulite ) or warming like black pepper, sandalwood or ginger. I usually mix 2 or 3 of them and go wild! You can make your own unique blend, just see what you like and what goes well together. My latest discovery is manuka essential oil with strong pungent smell, use it sparingly for spots and all blemishes. Works wonders!


I also like warm, feminine and sensual ones like rose, vanilla, ylang ylang, jasmine. I learnt to like geranium essential oil as it was always too strong for me, but it is very beneficial for women, balancing and uplifting at the same time. I have even started growing my own geranium flowers in the pots. I love smelling them now. Also, worth mentioning is clove essential oil, warming and soothing, helps relieve toothache.



Still, so much to learn about essential oils and their fascinating properties. I want to remember all their latin names, it must be a hidden botanic geek in me. 

Next time then do not forget to stop and smell the roses.