Oat face cleanser

This simple cleanser is based on oats, which have great soothing and nurturing properties. I used to soak oats in water and them simply use them as a mask on my face. Works really well for all inflammations, irritations even for acne.


For this cleanser, soak oats for about an hour. You need an egg, almond oil and lavender essential oil. First, whisk an egg yolk, then add a drop of almond oil at a time – use about 3 spoons of almond oil. Add few drops of the lavender essential oil. Now, strain the oats and squeeze all the oat milk slowly into the egg mixture. Blend it all gently so it has a lotion consistency.

It is a great soothing wash for your skin, oats combined with almond oil enrich and moisturize the skin, the egg yolk nourishes it and lavender oil gives a lovely, subtle fragrance as well as it has calming properties.