The oil cleansing method OCM

.I am a big fan of the oils and also essential oils. I love oils and really believe in using them to have glowing, well moisturised, young looking skin. The oil cleansing method advices using the combination of castor and sunflower oil and the percentage of them depends on your skin type, but more or less is about 30% of castor oil and the rest is sunflower oil. Castor oil has very strong properties and sunflower oil does all moisturising job.

So, the whole equipment you need is your oil blend, hot water and washcloth. The best time is evening, just before going to bed when your skin needs a good cleanse. First, massage your face with the oil blend in small circular movements. The oil will remove all dirt, make up and all impurities. Leave the oil to work on your skin, then cover it with a hot washcloth to let the pores open and leave it on until it cools down. Then, start removing the oil with the hot washcloths and repeat it few times. Remove and cover, remove and cover. If after, your skin feels dry, massage few drops of the oil blend and let it sink into skin. Your skin should feel clean, soft and smooth.