Honey and yoghurt face mask

Today is Full Moon in Leo, very auspicious day. I read somewhere we should avoid any cosmetic procedures during full moon, as well as a day before and a day after it. But today I felt like treating my skin to something nourishing yet gentle and easy to make!

You will need:

2 spoons of honey
4 spoons of yoghurt
1 spoon of rosehip oil
5 drops of lavender essential oil
capsule of vitamin E

Start from mixing together honey and yoghurt. My honey had quite thick consistency but quickly became runny after mixing it with yoghurt. Add rosehip oil, vitamin E oil and finally sprinkle over few drops of lavender oil for beautifully calming and soothing effect.

I like applying a face mask with a brush and by doing so I can also reach my arms and back with no messy fingers or messy floor! Leave the mask for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Follow with toner and moisturiser or an oil. I have got combination type skin with an obvious T-zone and loving using oils for the night. It gives me a chance to do a mini face massage. I am generally in love with the oils!

Back to our mask, honey is a natural humectant as it attracts and retains moisture. When used in beauty treatments, it seals in the moisture leaving skin soft and supple. Honey also contains antioxidants which protect skin cells from damage done by free radicals (ageing). Antibacterial properties of honey are useful when treating acne or outbreaks. We all know about Manuka honey and I swear by Manuka essential oil which I use for every spot I get. Best cure ever. Wish I knew it in the old days…

Yoghurt contains high level of lactic acid therefore it removes dead cells and smoothes the skin out. It helps reduce first wrinkles and prevent from appearing new ones. Yoghurt is rich in many nutrients like zinc, calcium, B-vitamins. Zinc will soothe any inflammation caused by acne or rash and help regulate sebum secretion by tightening the pores. Calcium promotes skin renewal. B-vitamins are beneficial for glowing and hydrated skin.

Yet again, most of those simple ingredients you find in your kitchen. Go on then, open your cupboards and fridge, experiment and have fun!



Lavender clay mask


Sometimes, our skin suffers from spots or blemishes and green clay is very good for all impurities. I use to mix a bit of green clay just with a drop of water and treat any spots with that paste. Green clay eases the inflammation and helps the spot to disappear. This simple mask will help to bring shine and smoothness to your skin as well as will clear it from any unwanted “surprises”.

I use lavender flowers in this mask, but you can use any dry flowers you have, camomile would do the job too. Grind lavender flowers, add 1 spoon of honey, few drops of Vitamin E and mix it with water. Then gradually sprinkle 2 spoons of green clay, adding some more water if necessary. Try to get a consistency of a smooth paste, not too thick. Apply to your face, avoiding eye areas. Don’t let the mask to dry out too much on your face and rinse it off with lukewarm water.