Calendula macerated oil

Calendula known as well as marigold is a popular ingredient in many cosmetic and medicinal products. Its healing and anti-inflammatory properties help sooth and soften the skin. Calendula is great to treat wounds, ulcers, scars, eczema and any skin rashes. It is also good for bruises and varicose veins.


Its bright orange or yellow flowers could be single or double layered. The double ones with bright orange petals have the highest concentration of active ingredients like essential oils, carotenoids, saponins, flavonoids.

Today we are making macerated oil which is very simple. You will need calendula flowers, fresh or dried, a basic oil like olive or sunflower oil and a glass jar.


Put about 50-100 g of calendula flowers into a clean, sterilised jar then pour the oil to cover the petals. Mix it gently with a wooden stick and make sure all the flowers are covered with the oil and put the lid on. Let the time do the magic! Leave it in some warm sunny spot, beware that windowsill can be cold and draughty at nights. For the first 2 weeks shake the jar daily, then leave it to infuse for about another 2-3 weeks. Then strain the oil and keep it in a dark glass container. You could also make a double infusion, which means strain the oil, then put fresh batch of flowers and cover with the already infused oil and leave for another 2-3 weeks. Double macerated oil will be most potent and beautifully coloured.


Perfect to be used in face or body massage, oil cleansing method, treating bruises and any DIY beauty treatments.


Herbal hair rinse

Few months ago, I picked some nettles and horsetail in the woods. Since then I kept them in a cupboard, so while cooking tonight I made this very simple herbal hair rinse. I used nettle and horsetail mix as they are famous for strengthening hair, giving it shine and making it looking healthy. This herb mixture is actually good for dark shades of hair, for blondes you can use chamomile, calendula, sunflower petals. As my hair is dark blonde and I am keen on making it a bit highlighted so next time will be chamomile mix!


Simply pour boiling water over the herbs and cover it. Leave if for about 20 minutes so mixture will cool down. Strain the herbs and enjoy the look and smell of that infusion! Wash your hair as usual, then rinse it with your herbal essence. I also added a splash of apple cider vinegar  for that extra gloss!


As my hair is sort of curly-wavy and I keep it that way, I was struggling to find a good and natural product to keep the frizz at bay. Nowadays, I just use a bit of shea butter to smooth the locks and keep them under control. Just a bit, otherwise they will go greasy and heavy. Shea also works wonder for that dry and split ends. So keep your hair pretty and healthy with a help of nature.