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Yes! The box from Naturallythinking arrived yesterday and I had so much pleasure in opening it! It is a lovely company promoting natural, organic spa and aromatherapy products. They are all paraben free, vegan and animal friendly. They really stock everything what you can dream off from essential oils to body butters and even jars and bottles. They also have a shop down in Carshalton, South London but I haven’t been there yet. I am planning to go the The Lavender Harvest at the end of the month and pick up by hand some of the finest English lavender. Check their website here or find them on Facebook. Last weekend I visited Naturally Thinking shop in Carlshalton. Right in the middle of High Street of this small town, the shop has a nice dispaly and really spacious inside. I got some essentail oils, good prices there! I will definitely go back there another time again.

I have ordered some floral waters, macadamia and jojoba oils and two essential oils. I love the packaging which is recyclable and environment friendly. I keep them on my desk because they look so lovely! Colourful labels. Lavender water is purple and rose one is pink! How simple and how perfect! I love they give info about sourced product like rose form Bulgaria, lavender form England, orange from Brazil, witchazel from USA, grapefruit from Cyprus.There is also information about how the product works and how to use it.Image

All thumbs up for Naturallythinking!!