Rhassoul clay face mask

I was always into clays as I knew they do lots of good to my skin. I read about Rhassoul clay some time ago in a magazine.  As usual you could write a letter to say what articles you liked the best as I did, and they awarded me with an impressive a kilo of Rhassoul clay! Hooray!!  Since then, I have been a big fan of Rhassoul.

Rhassoul clay comes from Morocco where have been known and used in beauty treatments  for a long time. It is mined in the Atlas Mountains and contains lots of super goodies and minerals. It purifies the skin, tightens the pores, softens the skin and regulates the production of sebum. That’s exactly what I need!


I am going to mix the Rhassoul clay with honey and rose  floral water. I made some flower infused honey few weeks ago and have been using it for my face. I found this recipe in one’s blog and it turned out quite easy to make and this honey is great. I infused my honey with rose petals and lavender, it smells really nice.  But you can just use  regular honey from your cupboard. You can also swap floral water with a regular water, just use what you have.


Try to do peeling before applying any face mask, it will clean all pores and prepare the skin for the mask. Mix the clay with  water, then add some honey and few drops of an essentail oil. I will chose rose again to match the floral water, it smells amazing! Mix it all for a smooth paste and apply to your face, neck and decollete. Leave for about 10 minutes and rinse it off when you feel the mask gets too tight. Follow with cold water and your toner, or again floral water.


Beautiful mud! Great for body wraps as well/