Aloe vera face mask

It is Sunday and if I’m at home I usually dedicate some time to my home spa and some beauty treatments ahead of the busy week. Today is a super plant day!

Aloe vera is a succulent plant with large fleshy leaves with spikes around them. I have never seen aloe vera flowers but they come in different colours from red, orange, yellow to pink. The clear gel stored in those plump leaves is used medicinally and in the beauty treatments. It soothes the skin, heals the wounds and treat sunburns. Helpful in treating allergy rashes, insect bites, fungal infections, ulcers. It works as a great skin moisturiser and thanks to the antioxidants fights ageing. Rich in vitamins and minerals aloe vera juice treats indigestion and soothes any stomach complaints.  Aloe vera is a very popular ingredient in many beauty products so why not to incorporate it in your own DIY beauty projects.


To make aloe vera face mask you will need

2 tbs of aloe vera gel

1 tbs of green clay

1 ts of vitamin E oil

2 tbs rose petals infusion

5 drops of rose essential oil

It is actually my first time using fresh aloe which I got from a little shop selling mangoes, coriander and the whole aloe vera plants. Plant has to mature though to be ready to use so I just bought one massive leaf called Aloe King. On the supplier’s website it says that aloe vera is “considered one of the most versatile and effective natural healers”. I have also read an interesting and controversial book “Cancer can be cured” featuring the aloe vera as the main ingredient of a recipe to treat cancer.


Start by making rose petals infusion by covering 1 tbs of petals with hot water and leaving it to steep under the cover for about 10 minutes. Scrape aloe vera gel out of the leaf and blend it for the smooth gel, add green clay and rose infusion to make a paste. Add vitamin E oil and the essential oil. Mix everything up and apply to your clean face with a brush. Leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse with tepid water. Enjoy the benefits of nourished smooth skin!




I also loved the stripy pattern inside the aloe leaf. Nature never stop to amaze and inspire me!