Sunday walk

I woke up to the beautiful morning today after a gloomy and very wet day yesterday. The view of sparkling drops glistening on the top of the trees I see from my window was giving a promise of a fine day. I went then for a walk around my local park again. You could see that lots of leaves have already gone within the last two weeks. Still, there is some colour left and with the blue sky as a backdrop it was a pleasant stroll.p7park2p9park3park5park6park7park8p1park9park109p3


Autumn walk

What a beautiful autumnal day in London.┬áStill and golden. Only few leaves gently swirling in a breeze from the river. Blue sky. I am walking on the carpets of leaves feeling the sun still burning my cheeks. That’s kind of my perfect autumn day.wp6wp10wp5wpwp9wp12wp11