Rose clay mask

Rose – the queen of flowers! Essential rose oil, extracted by steam distillation, is said to be beneficial not only for skin, but also soul. It smells divine and has got anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties. It it especially recommended for mature or dry skin, but every type of skin will love the luxury of roses.


Being on holidays, in Anglesey, Wales, I handpicked rose petals from wild growing bushes near the beach and then dry them on the tray near Aga oven. The still smell so lovely. You can just sprinkle few drops of essential rose oil over them and keep them in your room as an air freshener.


Mask combines pink clay with dry rose petals. First, grind rose petals in pestle and mortar for a quite fine powder. Mix some honey with a bit of water. Add grinded rose petals, then gradually sprinkle over pink clay to make a smooth paste. Add 1 drop of rose rose essential oil. Rose will balance and soothes your skin, and a clay will give it a nice colour. Remember only to rinse it off properly and follow it with a gentle toner.





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