Mum’s flowers

I have gone for a week home and spent most of my free time in my parents garden. I managed to do some weeding which I used to hate a lot when growing up. Helping out in the garden and then making all sorts of pickles and jams took some part of my adolescent years. I wouldn’t say I liked it back then. We grew most of our fruit and veg and used to make a burrow in the ground to store the root vegetables over the winter. My parents still grow quite a lot but it is flowers I am most drawn to. As I child I would disappear in the patch of the garden peas which were my favourites to eat and now I will wander around flowers for most of the time to look at their shapes and colours.



28 thoughts on “Mum’s flowers

  1. What a really lovely post, feeling just you did in your childhood about helping made me more mindful about my own children helping in our garden. Recently though my youngest now 23 was asked to water whilst we went away for week and told me she hated my plants on our return. I hope when she is even older she will come back and be as enchanted as you are with your Mum’s flowers.

    1. It definitely worked for me😉I love being in the garden now but I do not help much, only when visiting home. Going back in summer to make fruit compotes!

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