Brown sugar body scrub

This recipe is deadly easy and probably most of you knows it. What is more important, it is really cheap to make and it works! Choose some soft brown sugar. I tend to get the finest one with small granules as they work really gently on the skin. If you suffer from lots of hard, difficult to remove skin, you can try bigger granules.


Mix sugar with some carrier oil, I chose almond oil, but any oil would do, like olive oil, sunflower or rapeseed. You can just use whatever is in your kitchen cupboard. Mix sugar and oil, add squeeze of lemon juice which will works as a brightener. Natural alpha hydroxy acids in lemon will help to exfoliate any dead cells. Then, simply before you shower or bath, treat any “problem” areas like elbows, knees, heels and then massage the scrub paste gently all over your body. Remove with nice cooling shower. As the recipe contains oil, you can skip moisturizer after. Repeat at least twice per week.



7 thoughts on “Brown sugar body scrub

  1. Such a classic and effective scrub! I usually mix mine with a bit of shea butter but you’re right, any oil will do and it leaves the skin so soft! Smells good too.

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