Elderflower body scrub

London is busking in glorious sunshine since few days. Parks are full of picnic goers, children, joggers, cyclists and it feels like real summer! This afternoon, I head again to the woods for a walk and for a little bit of foraging.


So what did I find? Elderflowers in full bloom! They smell amazing, sort of sweet honey smell. I remember my grandma was picking them up and making teas for cold. It must be in my genes then!


Elderflowers are popular in refreshing cordials and medicinal infusions. But these delicate, creamy flowers can be used for your beauty too. Flowers have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties; help for sunburns and all irritations too.

For this recipe, the best are dried flowers as they give that “crunch” to the scrub. You can grind them a bit so you have smaller pieces. Cover a handful of elderflowers with aloe vera juice and leave for about 15 minutes. Then add the ground rice or ground almonds. Then add a bit of plain yogurt and few drops of some essential oil, could be lavender or lemon. Mix it all for a paste and apply to your skin using circular movements.





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